Beam Of Hope Churches

A fast-growing network of churches under the apostolic visionary leadership of Bishop Hosiah Tagara View details

Hope Hour Fellowships

These are City Altars that God mandated us to erect to create a platform to minister to the Church. View details

The Premadonnah Foundation

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Wealth Masters

A mentorship program that equips, commissions and sents men & women to inherit their wealth View details

Kingdom Legacy Publishing

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Introducing HOSIAH TAGARA Ministries

Meet the Visionary and the Strategist of Beam of Hope Ministries International.


Welcome to the Gathering of Rays of Light!

promo-img-big Believers are the light of the world.Light travels in thin straight lines called rays.A coming together of rays is a beam.Christ in us is the hope of glory and the hope for the world.We believe the Lord is calling men and women out the darkness of the world into His marvelous light ,setting them on an elevated plane of existence to be a City on a hill that cannot be hidden.

Career Development

This is the Leadership development house of Beam Of Hope Network. In partnership with Faith For Life University, Kingdom Legacy offers training for Church leaders, civic leaders, political leaders and corporate leaders.

Business Consulting

This is achieved through our formal courses in Christian Education, Ministry Studies, Leadership , Administration, Missionary and Biblical Studies.Our scope is from Certificate to Doctorate Level.


In addition, Kingdom Legacy runs seminars, symposia , workshops and Global Tele-Conferences on various leadership aspects internationally.


Glory to God.Last year (2013) l was attended one of your services with a the group of students from Monash University and l was looking for a job.You prayed for me and prophesied that you saw me offered a job at a place like an lsland and that Etihad Airways was going to offer me a job.I am like dreaming i speak to you I have been offered a job at Etihad Airways And l am am in United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi Today l am here to say .Thank you man of God.
Emma Ganda
Featured projects

Our services & skills


We believe that the dominion mandate entails having unmistakable influence in the marketplace.

Through WealthMasters Business Programme Bishop Hosiah Tagara and his team are involved in business consulting initiatives designed to empower people in different territories of the world to create wealth for the families of man on the earth.

As an International Corporate Affairs Director and C.E.O in a number of business Consortia he draws from his wealth of experience to raise and equip entrepreneurs as he helps others become who God has ordained them to be!

ministriesWe have established various ministries to meet believers in every facet of life and to meet the demands of every age group and member of the family unit.

Our Ministries include:
  • Men’s Ministry;

  • Women’s Ministry;

  • Children’s Ministry;

  • Youth & Young Adults Ministry;

  • [/dt_list]

    South Sudan 25-28 June Rebuilding Ministries Apostolic Conference

    Zambia 1-3 August Prophetic Conference, Business Conference Rhema Life Embassy

    Zimbabwe Kingdom Experience 2014 29 October-2 November Beam Of Hope- Zimbabwe


    Thursday 6am- 8am-Miracle & Prophetic Service

    Sunday 12pm-3pm-Communion & Breakthough Main Service

    Daily LunchHour Prayers 1pm-2pm

    Ladies Meeting :Every Monday                                                                               6pm-7:30pm

    Counselling and Consultation

    10am-12:30pm 2:30pm-4:00pm Tue-Friday

    To book an appointment email to

    This is the bedrock of our ministry as we are determined to equip every believer to come into the full stature of Christ. We have variety of programs that assist you in this assignment:
    • New Convert Classes

    • Bible Readings

    • Oversight

    • Prayer Covering

    • Pastoral Counseling

    • Deliverance Sessions

    • Prayer Meetings

    • Ministerial Training

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